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Kasoft Central is the home of the Archer on the web. All visitors are welcome to write to the author.

Perhaps you meant to find out about Kasoft Software instead?

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Yes, this is a personal home page, but I have moved some of the more blatantly egotistical stuff to a seperate page.

Kasoft Central: The Computer, the Page and the Place

This page was developed at Kasoft Central (the computer,) which uses advanced technologies from ARM and Castle Technology. Kasoft Central is an Iyonix powered by an Intel XScale 80321, a SOC containing an implementation of an ARM processor. This computer is usually kept at Kasoft Central (the place.)

Confusingly (or logically, depending on your perspective,) this page is also referred to as "Kasoft Central." It contains information and work personally interesting to the Archer. It is hoped that others with similar interests will find parts of this page worthwhile also.

Kasoft Software now has its own external page. The works on that page, unlike this one, are always computing related.

Because I believe in open standards, this page is supposed to comply with the W3C standard recommendations for XHTML 1.0 and CSS 2.0. I also seek to make it work in any browser, including Lynx. If you find this page is not XHTML compliant, my style sheets are not CSS compliant, or your browser provides you with anything less than a fully accessible experience, please write to me.

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Note that Kasoft Software now has its own external resource.

External resources: Links to related information

I hate long link lists, particularly ones where half the links are out of date. And even if the list is short, how do you know what links to follow? Here I try to give some additional information about my most visited sites. Provided this page is not too old, the links should be fresh. The pages at the other end should also be fresh.—Archer

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Last updated: Monday 9th May 2005