Monosyllables In Must

white wine
just me no guy (want one)
short skirt blonde hair not long (slut hair)
green eyes dark lids bold lashs (slut eyes)
need love (in rut)
need smoke (crave man)
white tube long tube thin tube (need fire)
where light (need light)
look up see guy hot guy (want you)
heart beat fast beat (cunt ache)
tall man big man (sweet man)
dark man broad man strong man (stud man)
help me please me light me (pick me)
click fire red glow
deep drag touch tongue (oh tongue)
strong taste breathe wisps
warm laugh (with you)
limp wrist red nails clamp tube
frail hand soft hand light hand (touch you)
sit down join me won't you talk me (flirt me)
thank you (please me)
sit back blow smoke cross legs
long legs smooth legs wax legs (touch them)
tight hose black hose sheer hose (rip them)
thin smile bright teeth
red lips sweet lips my lips (taste them) 
hot lips gloss lips (slut lips)
your smile your eyes meet mine (good looks)
your name (oh please your phone)
my name my phone (call me)
nice guy like you (love you)
kiss hand (kiss lips) hold me (squeeze me)
oh please (tongue me)
like me (love me lick me) oh my (take me do me)
but no (oh no)
you go (please don't)
reach out (want you)
stand up drop tube
cold ache (black void)
just flirt (no more) no love (no sex) 
hot guy (cute buns) oh stop (screw me)
dump me freeze me (ice cold)
don't leave come back come home (warm me)
love you first sight (try me mount me)
stop him (oh yes) turn back smile me (like me)
so rued very rued (kiss and) make up (kiss me)
lean down (kiss me) peck cheek (melt me)
oh please drive me (ride me)
oh yes oh god he will (kiss him)
thank him (serve him)
his car small car cramp car (cramp me rub me)
cold night chill air heat on (heat me)
street lights bright lights head lights (light head)
at home my home come in oh please (bed me)
you will (my man) so good sit down (lay down)
touch him sooth him rub him (please him)
strip him take him feel him (hard rod)
touch me hold me (climb me)
kiss me tongue me (oh god fuck me)
strip me cool me feel me (wet me)
ease me tease me please me (poke me)
our noise (love sounds) soft sounds (my sounds)
tweak me love me (wet me)
hot me so hot burn me (pump me)
move us (move me) shake us (my soul) 
push it (cum me) cum you (fill me)
rock me shake me quake me (feel you)
run cum hot cum (so hot)
sweat me oh yes (bathe me)
oh yes and again (oh please) 
please more once more (make love)
twice more (thrice more) then more (and more)
stay here (all night) be mine (all mine)
play me use me sex me (love me)
want you (for ever) cry out (my scream)
long night (hot night)
wear me (tire me) keep you (sex you)
so much so good (soft ache)
drown me (cum you) drench me (cleanse me)
no more (yes more) none left (no cum)
all spent (sigh me) too damp (all wet)
fire out (no flame) close eyes (too much)
sleep tight (so tight)
warm man hug man (keep man)
sweet dreams (wet dreams)
love thoughts (you me)
all cold (oh no) no no
wake up (blur eyes) all gone (where gone)
no note no kiss no love (one night)
can't be (talk me) not fair (used me)
my tears (cunt ache) just me (heart ache)
some cash (slut girl) shame me (so cruel)
cry eyes mess eyes (slut eyes)
cold soul cold heart (no love) just ice.

D.D. 1995

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