Kasoft Typesetting

Key To Ratings

This document is not intended as a definitive reference. Its purpose is merely to establish a reasonable set of guidelines for the material on the Kasoft Typesetting pages. It however does not imply all warnings are applicable to these pages.

Although strongly based on the ratings system used by Australian television broadcasters, this document does not entirely accurately represent their ratings system as it is currently (or has previously been) applied.

G For General Exhibition

The material is suitable for all ages. It contains no coarse language, adult themes, violence, sexual references or drug use whatsoever.

PG Parental Guidance Recommended

Parental guidance is recommended for children under 15 years of age. The material may contain adult themes, limited coarse language, some violence and restricted sexual references. In addition:

M For Mature Audiences

The material is suitable for mature audiences over 15 years of age. It may contain adult themes, coarse language, violence and sexual depictions. In addition:

MA Mature Adults Only

The material is intended solely for mature adult audiences over 18 years of age. It may contain strong coarse language, disturbing violence and explicit sexual depictions. These are flagged with:

For visual media, nudity is flagged with n. Nudity is allowable under all ratings, but only innocent or educational nudity would qualify for a G rating.

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