Kasoft House

Kasoft House is the headquarters of Kasoft Software, which now has its own external page outside Kasoft Central (the web site.) Kasoft Central (the place) now refers to the room where Kasoft Central (the computer) is kept.

The address of Kasoft House has a seven in it.

The computers used by the Archer over the years are catalogued on the page The Kasoft Family.

Currently there are computers used by him kept at Kasoft Base in Devonport, Kasoft House in South Hobart and at the Surf Club in Hobart. There are also computers used by his brother and sister as well as computers used at the University of Tasmania on the list.

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Kasoft is a registered trademark of Kasoft Software, owned by Kade Hansson.

Author and editor: Kade "Archer" Hansson; e-mail: central@kaserver5.org

Last updated: Wednesday 17th October 2012