Archer's Dossier

Name: Kade "Archer" Hansson

Kasoft Base: 1 Churchill Avenue, Devonport, Tasmania 7310, AUSTRALIA

Base phone: [61] (3) 64 233 572

Kasoft Central (1998-2000): 6/11 Lynton Avenue, Dynnyrne, Tasmania 7005, AUSTRALIA

Central phone (1998-2000): [61] (3) 62 234 133


Birthday: 17/02/1976 (Please send pressies!)

Sign: Aquarius, the water-bearer

Sex: Male (should be on my FAQ, if I had one)

Height: 175cm (5'9", Mariah's height!)

Chest: 98cm (39")

Waist: 92cm (36")

Hip: 108cm (42")

Mass: 90kg

Hair: Black

Eyes: Green

Identifying marks: Oval birthmark on left ankle; feint bicycle crash scar on left knee (ouch!)

IQ: 160

Shoe size: 8

Favourite numbers: 64, 17, 6834, googol, 3.46410161...

Sustained typing speed: 30 WPM

Favourite colours: blue, yellow

Occupation: Computer Programmer

Hobbies: Reading, Writing (Poetry, Stories, Novels, Essays, Articles, Letters), Graphic Design (Logos, Posters, Packaging, Page Layout), Music Appreciation, Cinema, Homemade Movies

Favourite author: Paul Preuss (Human Error; Maelstrom)

Favourite musicians:

Mariah Carey

as well as Ace Of Base, Alisha's Attic, Björk, Belinda Carlisle, Sheryl Crow, Fatboy Slim, Paula Abdul, Gloria Estefan, John Farnham, Garbage, Roxette, Janet Jackson, Jam & Spoon, The B-52's, Jean Michel Jarre, Joshua Kadison, M People, Moby and Jamiroquai

Favourite movie: Ghostbusters (1984)

Favourite food: Pizza, specifically Pizza Hut Deep Pan Super Supreme.

Favourite mental state: Sleeping

Exit: Archer

Author and editor: Kade "Archer" Hansson; e-mail:

Last updated: Sunday 2nd November 2003