Kade Hansson's Internal And External Inventory

The collections, works and intangibles of Kade Hansson's play, business and hobby life have been historically divided into a set of domains founded in 1984 (though some "domains" existed before the "incorporation", and were the catalysts for the formation of KHIEI). The newest domains are Kasoft, TransCom, Bidek, Audiotek and Zulu, which were established during the years 1986-1988. The founding domains were KPC, XO, Jam, Macor and Play-K, which were established around 1982-1984. No new domains have been established since 1988- only logos and subdomains have changed.

A brief history of the KHIEI constituent domains can be found below the domain key table. By the way, KHIEI is never pronounced as a word, it is always spelled out viz kay-aitch-aye-ee-aye. It is merely an accident that a more phonetic pronunciation of KHIEI is key!

Domain key

The links in the following table allow you to navigate the content of the Archer's homepage based on the economic domains of KHIEI. Some economic domains do not have content on this site at this time- following these links will take you to the historical information at the bottom of this page.

KHIEI Domain Key
Code Domain Full name Logo Description

ATK Audiotek Audiotek Recorded Media  Recorded entertainment and information

Audiotek Press  Technical documents on media formats and programme transcripts

BDM Bidek Bidek Media Services  Broadcast entertainment and information

JAM Jam Jam Television And Radio  Music television and radio

KAS Kasoft Kasoft Software  Software design and programming

Kasoft Typesetting  Miscellaneous design, typographic and printing services

KPC KPC Kade's Print Collection  Printed information

MAC Macor Macor Equipment  Mechanical equipment

PKG Play K Play K Games  Games and toys

TCM TransCom TransCom Securities  Financial services

XOA XO XO Appliances  Electric equipment

ZUL Zulu Zulu Electronics  Electronic equipment

Note on the derivation of KHIEI

KHIEI originally stood for Kade Hansson's Industrial Enterprises Incorporated (or Kade Hansson's Incorporated Enterprises and Industries, if you prefer), but as recently as 1997 was redefined as Kade Hansson's Internal and External Inventory. The correlation between the newest domains and the founding domains, and the so-called new technology industries (software, technology and telecommunications) and old technology industries (manufacturing and broadcasting) is perhaps a sign that KHIEI is in fact a microcosm of world economic structures, amazingly created from first principles by an adolescent with no knowledge of economics to organise his own personal world.

KPC (1982-)

KPC was the first domain, created before KHIEI, probably coming into existence in 1982 (though perhaps earlier). The first full book published by KPC was an illustrated short story about a lonely ghost, published in 1983. KPC also produced numerous personalized greeting cards in its early days. The first expansion of the initials was Kade's Publishing Company. Kade's Print Collection was assigned to the initials only in 1999.

XO (1983-)

The XO domain arose out of a much spoken catchphrase during the Archer's infant years- "XO, the XO-lent batteries for your car." XO therefore began as a ficticious lead acid battery manufacturing company, its name probably arising as a bastardization of Exide, a non-ficticious company providing such products. Today XO Appliances serves as an inventory of all non-electronic electrical products owned by the Archer, in recognition of this domain- estimated to have been established around 1983.

Jam (1984-)

Jam was the domain arising from Jam Radio, an amusing diversion co-developed by the Archer and his brother around 1984. When Audiotek was established around 1987, Jam was forgotten. It was recently resurrected in the form of Jam TV, a ficticious musical television channel in the tradition of MTV, used as a label on videoclip collections produced by Audiotek. It retains its own domain, but is now more properly considered a subdomain of Audiotek.

Macor (1984-)

Closely related to XO (what use is a lead acid battery without a car to put it in?), Macor arose as Archer's creative pursuits often included sketches of weird and wonderful vehicles. Macor was the brand applied to these imaginary vehicles, and also the cardboard box constructions used to ferry Kade's soft toys (Tim, Charlie and Golly, if you're interested) about the place. Macor Equipment now serves as a generic inventory for non-electical mechanical equipment owned by the Archer. For example, if the Archer had a car, it would be listed in the Macor Equipment Inventory.

Play-K (1984-)

K...poly was probably the first game to bear the Play-K name, and represents the Archer's early fascination with the game of Monopoly, for which Play-K now has web pages on this site. The K...poly name (what are those missing letters?), board and rules are now lost, but I'm sure they were infinitely intriguing. Later, and better remembered games included such gems as The Inspector Gadget Game, which was actually widely played at the Archer's primary school for a time. Play-K Games (formerly Play-K Games Limited) has a web page for its unique chess/checkers hybrid Keckers as well.

Kasoft (1986-)

The Kasoft domain was created on Herbie Day, the fifteenth day of February in 1986- a Saturday. The first work developed in the Kasoft domain was the Unlucky 13 game- a hangman derivative written in generic BASIC. The first expansion of the name was Kasoft Games Limited, which shortly became Kasoft Computer Software, which finally changed in 1997 to Kasoft Software, and carries that name to this day. Kasoft Computer Printing was added to the domain sometime in late 1986, and eventually became simply Kasoft Typesetting. The full name is now Kasoft Typesetting and Typography, though it is still often shortened to Kasoft Typesetting.

Transcom (1987-)

A kid loaning adults money? Perhaps a sign of things to come, the need for this domain arose around 1987. Initially Transcom Security, the domain is now more properly referred to in full as TransCom Securities. These days it is less about Archer's debtors and more about Archer's financial holdings, though there is one debtor still outstanding. You out there, Archer's dad?

Bidek (1987-)

Bidek Media Services arose as a ficticious television broadcasting company in the novel Panic Stricken written by the Archer in 1987. The name arises from the (actually unallocated) channel numbers 20-23 which the broadcaster in the book supposedly uses for transmission- twenty being derived as two times twenty or "bi" times "deka", the prefixes meaning two and ten respecively. Its name has now been reclaimed to designate original audio and video works created by the Archer, though it is properly a subdomain of Audiotek.

Audiotek (1987-)

Audiotek has always been the label applied to Archer's audio tapes, and the name arose around the same time as the novel Panic Stricken was starting to be written and the ficticious company Bidek Media Services arising therein. The phonetic similarity is therefore no accident. Originally Audiotek Limited and formerly Audiotek Recording, and also originally having a sister "company" Videotek Limited which produced the Angry Asstrich Video Show (of which no tapes exist), Audiotek's full name is now given as Audiotek Recorded Media.

Zulu (1988-)

This domain first properly materialized around 1988, though some works bearing this iconology may have been created earlier. Older developments from what was probably the same domain before it had a name included the Tardis' Superknight computers (1985), the R2ET (1983) robot and the Simon laptop (1984). At the time of the inception of the name, the logo was primarily used to label sketches of computers and peripherals. The Zulu Electronics domain is now the catalogue of the Archer's non-media electronic equipment.

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