Hey Hey It's Saturday

Saturday 16th September 1995

Featuring Mariah Carey with a live performance of "Fantasy"


6:30pm  Opening titles
        Joe Cocker (live in studio) performs "Summer In The City"
6:40pm  "Gender Bender" (celebrity quiz segment)
6:50pm  Ad-lib
        Scenes from new moview "Clueless"
        Alicia Silverstone (live in studio)
7:05pm  "Get Russ To Do It" (pretaped comedy segment)
7:15pm  "Pluck-a-duck" (weekly viewer competition)
7:25pm  Mariah Carey (live from New York) with Molly Meldrum
        Live performance of "Fantasy"
7:40pm  "Red Faces" (weekly ameteur talent quest)
7:55pm  Keith Urban (live in studio) performs "Walk in the Country"
8:05pm  "I'm Glad You Asked" (science segment)
8:15pm  "Molly's Melodrama" (pop music gossip live from New York)
        Clips from MTV Music Awards
8:25pm  Lisa Loeb (live in studio) performs "Do You Sleep"
        Closing credits


(6:30pm Opening titles)

[VFX: Inside the Hey Hey Pinball Machine!]

John Blackman [V.O]: Live from the channel nine cream factory and on relay around the universe through Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney, Brisbane, Darwin, Papua New Guinea, Perth, Adelaide and Hobart, welcome to yet another two hours of madcap zany mirth and mayhem with Dags, the Duck, the Dick and the gang on "Hey Hey It's Saturday". And now folks, here's your host, Daryl Somers!


(7:25pm Mariah Carey (live from New York) with Molly Meldrum)

[SFX: Tuning radio]

Daryl Somers: Now, in a world exclusive, we are going to cross to New York because... ah... this is very special... when you're only in your twenties... you've sold 60 million albums worldwide... that's quite an achievement, for Mariah Carey has done that. The "Music Box" album was phenomenal in Australia and all over the world. She has a new album out called "Daydream". She is in our New York studios with the man in the hat. So, it's over to New York, and Mariah Carey and Molly Meldrum!

[Applause; Cut to New York with Mariah standing on a small circular stage with Molly Meldrum (in his trademark cowboy-style hat); Mariah is wearing a red crop top, exposing her navel, blue jeans and a pair of enormous-heeled black boots; Mariah's hair is light enough to be described as blonde and only slightly wavy]

Molly: Well thanks Daz... A big welcome to Australia again, Mariah.

Mariah: Hi everybody. Hello Australia.

Daryl: We can't hold these... this crowd is still clapping, Molly... I'm sorry, they're still clapping in the studio here...

John [V.O]: Take it all, Molly... Mariah!

Daryl: They are as thrilled as everyone to... ah... to have a live link to New York, and its wonderful to be able to chat with you too... Sorry, back to you, Molly.

Molly: OK, thanks, well Dazza asked the question... Are you happy?

Mariah (smiles): Of course!

Molly: Yeah?

Mariah (more seriously): Yeah. It's been great.

Molly: Well I've just seen your schedule for the last three days... press, press, press...

Mariah (nodding): Uh huh. Yeah...

Molly (still rambling): ... for the great album "Daydream". I mean, you must be happy with the album.

Mariah: I'm very happy with the album...

Molly (quietly): Yeah.

Mariah: ... Mmm. I feel good about putting it out now... so I'm excited.

Molly: Well, Dazza, I've had the privelege of hearing this album, and I've gotta say that it is truly Fantastic(tm)... Ah... A couple of the tracks, that I was just saying to Mariah, that I can't get out of my head. I mean, there's a remix of Fantasy with O.D.B.- Old Dirty "mum-mam"... I can't say that word... <Mariah chuckles> ... And ah... the Boyz II Men track "One Sweet Day" is just beautiful...

Mariah (trying to get a word (or six) in edgewise): Thankyou. It's one of my favourites...

Molly (still rambling): ... I think it will be the all time number one album.

Daryl (butting in): Actually, we should just point out that Mariah, you are actually writing most of... or cowriting the tracks on the "Daydream" album... ah... and was this harder to write than the "Music Box" album?

Mariah: Um... I don't think it was harder... It's just... it's a different album, ya know. It's... there's still the ballads and the things that... um... I've had success with... but there's a lot of different things too... So, I'm excited about putting it out.

Daryl: Do you have a favourite single off the "Daydream" album yet, or a favourite track you particularly think is gonna be the big one?

Mariah: Um... It's so hard for me to say because, like you said, being the writer of the songs it's... it's really hard to be objective about it. So, I mean, I'm still getting into listening to the album myself, and um, ya know... <grins, waves hands> I can't say, I can't predict anything, so I hope people like it. That's it...

Molly (Mariah seems to sigh as he starts again): Well, I mean, the Boyz II Men track... ah... that Mariah and Boyz II Men have done is just sensational, but I think there's at least six major hits off this album. "Melt Away", the Babyface track is just great.

Mariah (agreeing): Yeah. It was fun working with him.

Daryl: Mariah, do you run the tracks by your mum? Because I know that your mother was an opera singer... when we spoke to you last you said that you were... um... having, you know, singing lessons, I think, at about 4 years of age or so...

Mariah: Right...

Daryl: ... because of your mum's influence on you. Do you sort of run the tracks by your mum and does she give a comment?

Mariah: Um... She's.... She's very... ya know... she lets me do my thing, ya know, and she doesn't try to impose her opinions on it. She's just very supportive of me about stuff 'n'... ya know, we have a good time when I play her the songs... I kind of wanna get them to a good place first, 'cause... ya know... I hate when people hear things before they're finished. So, ah... it's cool... she's a good person.

Molly: Actually, Mariah admitted something in an interview yesterday... and I was just shocked when she said this... but she gets very shy about performing in a studio with other people, including Boyz II Men, which I just found astonishing.

Mariah: Well, it's not "shy"... I mean, if somebody's a good singer sitting there and singing with someone whose a really really talented vocalist is just kind of... it's hard... it's a hard thing to do... You know what I mean? ...

Molly: Yeah.

Mariah: ... Especially those guys, who are like, some of the best. So... But it was good- after a while I got used to it and I actually enjoyed it... and it was ah... an experience I'll never forget.

Molly (taking Mariah's hands): Now listen... you can come here... you can put that one there <on the side of his neck>... and this one here...

Mariah (putting her hand on other side of his neck): Yeah...

Daryl (joking?): Now Molly. Now Molly!

Mariah (grinning with understanding): Oh no...

Molly (down of his knees now): ... No, I've gotta ask this question...

Mariah (looking down at him): ... Oh no... OK, I'm ready...

Molly (simply, looking up into Mariah's eyes): When are you gonna tour?

Mariah (laughing): I don't have to strangle you! Um... I'm gonna do a tour soon... I'm getting ready to do the worldwide thing... um... for this album. So, um... we're going to go to...

Daryl (cutting her off! grrr!): You were sort of reluctant when we spoke last to tour...

Mariah: Right.

Daryl: ... because of the strain on the voice... because of the vocal range, and it's so demanding on your voice... you we're very hesitant... Are there any other reasons? Did you... Did you feel "boy, I don't wanna walk out in a stadium with that many people and do that every night"... er?

Mariah: Well, the thing about it was that I'd never performed before in my life, and to go out and learn about performing in a huge arena is kind of a ridiculous experience... I don't recommend it to anyone <smiles, prompting chuckles from the interviewers>... But, um it was cool. By the end of the tour I felt... I felt really comfortable, and I felt... um... much more confident and eager to do it again. So, it's gonna be a different experience to go overseas and do it, ya know, for the fans outside of America. Also, the travelling, hopefully, won't make it harder. It was just the strain on my voice that was always a weird thing, but its cool.

Daryl: You'd also have to leave your... you'd have to leave your little doggy at home... Do you still have your little doggy and the pussy cats and things?

Mariah: I have my dogs and my cats and they're all there waiting for me to go home. <chuckles>

Molly: Actually, they haven't seen you for a couple of days.

Mariah (missing them perhaps): Yeah. No. I know... <makes a small frown, and then chuckles>

Daryl: Now, Mariah, what about movies... we... I think we covered that last time too, I thought that probably a lot of scripts coming your way and you'd be sifting through them... ah... anything likely in that in the near future.

Mariah (amused): Not very likely. I don't think so. <laughs>

Molly: You've got to remember that... I mean... this girl, ah, when I came over last year, it was almost to the month... to interview her about the Christmas album... um, and we were just down the road and Mariah came out of... well, I was thinking out of an office... she was coming out of the recording studio doing this album here. She has not... I mean, you must live in a recording studio.

Mariah: Well, that's the thing. I mean, I'm in the studio so much and I'm... from the writing to the producing of the songs and then finally... I mean it's such a process that people don't realise that you don't go in one day and you record a song and then that's it. There are a lot of different... ya know... It's a big process, so, um... It's kind of... because I'm doing the whole thing, ya know, I'm there "hands on" doing it myself, it's very time consuming. So I don't have time for much else, but it was fun. Um... I directed my first video...

Molly: Which is this one.

Mariah: ...for this single, Fantasy, and that was a new experience and a really great learning experience for me, and I enjoyed doing that. So I've been doing some other things, ya know...

Daryl: So, what would you do if you had the time off. Are you a shop-a-holic or a... is there somewhere you'd go... like a little retreat that you'd enjoy... What would you do?

Mariah: Um... Well I tried water-skiing for the first time this year. That wass fun... I finally got up. I've been trying for, like, three years and finally a friend of mine showed me how to get up and that was cool. And I went snow-skiing, and... ya know... swimming, and <smiles> being with my animals and ah... <chuckles> my family and stuff.

Daryl: All the normal stuff.

Mariah: Yeah.

Daryl: Well, look... we... it's a great trick to have you on and be able to talk to you like this again and ah... I know that you're going to perform for us. So, Molly will... unless you have something to add... we're gonna catch up with you a little later for "Melodrama".

Molly (moves in for the Australian farewell kiss): Congratulations on the album.

Mariah: Thanks Molly.

[Molly disappears out of shot]

Daryl: Alright. And Mariah, I'm holding up now your "Fantasy" single off the "Daydream" album. We thank you again for being with us... and you're about to perform this for us... ah... it's a sensational first single, and I'm sure the first of many, and I wish you all the best with success for it. We look forward to seeing you in Australia soon... <to audience> Mariah Carey.

Mariah: Thank you.

[Applause; Fantasy "shoe do do do do do do do"'s start; Rollerblade dancers from the video magically appear on the giant screen behind the stage]

Mariah (singing against the background vocalists): Shoe do do do do do do do... etc.

[Mariah moves funkily and sings with fabulous vocal energy for the duration of Fantasy; She sings along with the end of the Tom Tom Club sample; Audience claps in time with the beat in the final choruses]

John [V.O] (as if to say "cool"): Yeah.

[Applause; Daryl claps]

Mariah: Goodbye. Thankyou, Australia. <laughs>

Daryl (shouting over much deserved vivacious applause): And thankyou, Mariah. Mariah Carey in New York. Yes... with the "Daydream" album. That was "Fantasy" from the "Daydream" album. We're coming back later on with "Molly's Melodrama". Something big after the break. Yo!

[And the Hey Hey band plays over continuing applause]

John [V.O]: And this is live across Australia.


(8:30pm Closing Credits)


[Shots of Mariah segment]

John [V.O]: Goodnight Mariah... Molly... Mariah... Mariah and Molly? ... Nah. It'd never work.


John [V.O]: ... That's all folks!

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