The Mariah Carey Newsgroup FAQ


Issue #039 (9th April 2001)- The Welcome To Virgin Edition

This FAQ is quite out of date. I am hoping to review the information and create a new version in the coming months.—Archer Nov '03

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New readers should read the general section first, and then to browse through the music, movie, personal information and miscellaneous sections. People with a strong interest in Mariah Carey may like to browse the fan section, to find out about fan clubs and collectables. Regular computer users may also be interested in the technical section.

At the end of the FAQ I give a selected bibliography. I also list some articles about Mariah and interviews she has done.

See question G3 for recent developments, including updates on Mariah's move from Columbia to Virgin and the upcoming movie and soundtrack All That Glitters.


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Miscellaneous questions




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