The Mariah Carey Newsgroup FAQ


Issue #039, 9th April 2001

This FAQ is quite out of date. I am hoping to review the information and create a new version in the coming months.—Archer Nov '03


F1. What unofficial fan clubs are there?

The following are web pages with information on currently active fan organizations:

Brazil Mariah Forever Fan Club [free]

Dutch Mariah Carey Association [F1 30,-- (Dutch guilders)]

Mariah Carey Fan Organization [$US20-25]

The South African Mariah Carey Fan Club [free]

The following are the web pages of fan organizations which no longer appear to be active:

The Fly Away Fan Club (Brazil) [unknown]

The Italian Mariah Carey Fan Club [free]

Mariah Carey IRC Fan Web Site [free]

Mariah (Carey) Internet Fan Organization [free]

Singapore Mariah Carey Fan Club [free]

All these fan clubs are unofficial and are not endorsed by Sony Music. I cannot vouch for the legitimacy or otherwise of these organizations, and whether they are worth their membership dues.

F2. How do I join Sony's official Mariah fan club?

The official fan club is a commercial enterprise run by Fan Emporium on behalf of Mariah's management. They can be contacted at

or you can visit their web page at

As of December 1996, it costs $US28.00 to join the fan club (or $22.00 if you live in the US). Renewal is cheaper at $US24.00 (or $18.00 in the US). Mail your application or queries to one of the following addresses.

Members of the club receive:

	20 x 25 cm (8" x 10") colour photograph
	20 x 25 cm (8" x 10") black and white photograph
	Fan club membership card
	Exclusive biography     
	Personal fact sheet on Mariah
	Official fan club photo pin
	Mariah Carey Information Line
	Annual newsletters, updated quarterly for new members
	Merchandise offers

(Editor's note: I am not a member of the club, so I cannot offer any advice as to the quality of service they provide. My own personal thought is that membership would offer little benefit. Commercial outfits of this kind are there to make a profit, not to help fans.)

F3. Where do I write to Mariah Carey?

The preferred addresses are those of the Fan Emporium given in the previous question. All the addresses I list below are fairly old, and I wouldn't rely on any of them. Anyone with some better ones should contact me.

Mariah may possibly be reachable by mailing her record company, but don't count on it. The most recent address I have is:

Mariah Carey
C/- Columbia Records
Sony Music Entertainment
550 Madison Ave
New York NY 10022

F4. What are some Mariah collectables?

There are so many, I could never possibly hope to cover them all. Check auction sites and the occasional announcements on the newsgroup and mailing lists (particularly the marketplace list, see G7). Don't pay too much for the items listed here- I save the most expensive items until the next question, F5.

[Older posters]

Daydream black & 
gold release banner
Daydream album cover square poster
Daydream poster 55 x 100 cm featuring Fantasy cover pose
Fantasy poster (A) featuring mirrored Fantasy cover pose (portrait)
Fantasy poster (B) featuring retouched Fantasy cover pose (landscape)
Daydream cardboard display (approx 1.5 m tall)
Butterfly album cover square poster
Butterfly poster 100 x 70 (landscape)
[Previous tour merchandise]

"Mariah Carey" Butterfly world tour book (32 pages, 35 x 28 cm, full colour)
Butterfly tour T-shirt (black, eyes open; cream, eyes shut)
Butterfly cap
Butterfly crop tops (two designs)
Butterfly key rings
[Limited release albums]

Cinderella Story (Japan; promo)
Music Box- Gold Souvenir Edition (Australia)
Let's Party With Mariah Carey (Japan; rare promo)
Love And Dream (Japan; very rare promo- see question F5)

See also M2b(ii).

[Limited release singles]

Fantasy- Remixes (Australia)
Fantasy- Remixes (UK)
Joy To The World (Australia)
Open Arms (Cream) (Austria)
Open Arms (Blue) (Austria)
Open Arms #1 & 
#2 (Australia)
Always Be My Baby- Remixes (Australia/UK)
Joy To The World 12" Red Vinyl
[Special album versions]

Music Box (outside US)- featuring Everything Fades Away
Merry Christmas (Australia)- featuring God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
[Computer software]

Dreamlover screensaver
Merry Christmas CD ROM session (see question T1)
Assorted MIDI files *
[Instrumental and Karaoke albums]

The Music Of Mariah Carey (Elap; 16 tracks)
Mariah Carey Sing-A-Long (Volumes 1-5)
[Known bootlegs]

All I Want For Xmas Is You *
Best Ballads *
Camp Mariah *
	(similar to Fox special; 16 tracks, including JTTW (live))
Dance Collection *
Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend *
	(similar to NBC special)
Lovely Night *
	(similar to NBC special)	
Mariah Carey Live *
	(similar to NBC special; Amcos; 10 tracks)
Mariah Carey Live In The USA *
Mariah Carey Greatest Hits Live *
	(similar to NBC special; Amcos; 15 tracks)
Out In Japan
	(similar to NHK special; 15 tracks, including Just Be Good To Me)
Someday *
Someday Somewhere
	(similar to NBC special)
Take Me Away *
	(similar to NBC special)
Twelve Inch Collection of Mariah Carey, The *
	(TCOMC1001; 13 tracks)
Very Best Of Mariah Carey Live In Concert, The *
	(from Aust; 17 tracks; 70:39; also known as Music Box Tour '93,
	One Night In LA)
Visions Of Love *
Without You *

* These items may not be licensed, and so artist royalties are in doubt.

F5. What are some rare Mariah collectables?

One of the most highly valued Mariah Carey collectables (according to an issue of Record Collector magazine) is one of two "greatest hits" promos released for the Japanese concerts. Love and Dream, of which 200 copies were produced, is currently valued at $US300. (The other is called Let's Party With Mariah Carey- see question F4.) The promo issue of the Japanese picture CD double set Open Arms/ One Sweet Day is an equally treasured rare item.

[Love And Dream (special Japanese tour promo; mixed set)]

SONG Title
1. All I Want For Christmas Is You
2/10. One Sweet Day
3. Hero
4. Open Arms
5. Miss You Most (At Christmas Time)
6/14. One Sweet Day (Live Version)
7. Vision Of Love
8. Underneath The Stars
9. Without You
11. Anytime You Need A Friend (C&C 
Radio Mix)
12. Open Arms
13. I'll Be There
15. Joy To The World
16. Fantasy

Sony Brazil recently released a rare CD promo containing remixes of 'Butterfly' by DJ Meme (Marcelo Mansur). Less than 100 copies were produced, which could indicate this item would be of a high collectable value.

Other very rare items include:

F6. Where can I get Mariah collectables?

[Freelance collectable traders on Internet]

NAME            Address                         Location (Notes)
Ahmed, S & 
R               South Africa (expert)
Allison, Simon United Kingdom
Hansson, Kade             Australia (recent releases)
Yeko, Jennifer               United States (large stock)

(If you would also like your name to appear here, please contact the FAQ maintainer.)

You could also join the Mariah Carey marketplace mailing list. (See question G7.)

In Australia, a company called Just Entertainment has a complete listing of posters, calendars, autographed photos, T-shirts and cards. If you write to them, they will send a catalogue if you include a self addressed business-sized envelope. They do accept overseas orders, but only if payment is made in Australian dollars and adequate payment for postage and handling is included. The address is:

Just Entertainment
PO Box 153
Paddington NSW 2021
(Phone [61] 2 9361 6952;
 Fax [61] 2 9361 6952)

The above address is taken from Mariah Carey: A Musiclife Tribute [13], and was current in December 1996. Please submit the addresses of reputable traders in other countries to the FAQ maintainer.

(Editor's note: I cannot offer any guarantee that any trader listed (apart from myself) is reliable, and I cannot be held liable for loss or damages arising as a result of information provided by this or any other question in this FAQ.)

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