The Mariah Carey Newsgroup FAQ


Issue #039, 9th April 2001

This FAQ is quite out of date. I am hoping to review the information and create a new version in the coming months.—Archer Nov '03


Special thanks to my friends Sieraaj and Riedwaan Ahmed, Derek Summers, Ken Sims, Dima Nechitailenko, Nghia Nguyen Dai (no wonder we call him Sunbelt), Anders Wahlsten, Jens Ingvarsson and Jason So for all their help and support over the years. I would also like to thank XSX, E-motion, J Manuel Garcia, Morgan Carey, Melissa Batson, Norman Chu, Asenaca Vaniqi, Martijn Han, Emile Zwiggelaar, Hoa Nguyen and Rachid Guernane. Thanks also go to authors of the many articles (listed in the selected bibliography) which were referred to in the construction of this document. As always, much love and thanks to Mariah.

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