The Mariah Carey Newsgroup FAQ


Issue #039, 9th April 2001

This FAQ is quite out of date. I am hoping to review the information and create a new version in the coming months.—Archer Nov '03


S1. What can you tell me about Paint Your Wagon?

This is a musical motion picture released in 1969, first released on video in 1983 by CIC/Arena. It featured the song that Mariah is supposedly named after, They Call The Wind Mariah. This was perhaps the most popular song from the movie, bar Wand'rin Star which was sung by Lee Marvin.

The film was directed by Joshua Logan and starred Lee Marvin, Clint Eastwood, Jean Seberg, Harve Presnell and Ray Walston. It runs for 164 minutes, and is the "wild west" story of a couple of prospectors who make their way to No Name City. Rumson (Marvin) meets a travelling Mormon, and buys his wife (Seberg) at auction for $800. Rumson falls in love with her, but she falls in love with Pardner (Eastwood).

S2. Which movies has Mariah appeared in?

She had a bit part as an opera singer in The Bachelor, which stars Chris O'Donnell and screened worldwide. For details, The Bachelor website at should be your first point of call.

For some time now Mariah has also been involved in a project with the title All That Glitters, supposedly based on a concept developed by Mariah. Mariah will star and sing in the movie, which has now been filmed. The story is not meant to be autobiographical, although it may borrow from some aspects of Mariah's life and rise to fame.

All That Glitters has finished post-production and is expected to be released shortly. The Internet Movie Database has additional information on this production at:

Some details have now emerged about the film. Initial reports (now several years old) on the director and production arrangements were based on old information. Originally Buena Vista, the distribution arm of the Disney studio, was associated with the production, which was also linked to German backers. Promotion of the film indicates that Twentieth Century Fox and Columbia TriStar (Sony Entertainment) now own the rights and will distribute the film.

Mariah plays Billie, an up and coming singing sensation, who rises from the ashes, facing adversity and striving against the odds to make a place for herself in the cutthroat entertainment business. Sound familiar? Directed by Vondie Curtis-Hall (writer/director Gridlock'd) and written by Kate Lanier (writer What's Love Got To Do With It, Set It Off and The Mod Squad), the production showcases new talent itself in its actors, and also includes rapper Da Brat in the supporting cast.

Mariah was also cast as the step-daughter of the arch-villan in "Double-0-Soul". The movie was supposed to be an action comedy starring Chris Tucker. In the movie, Tucker's character is a bungling secret-agent, suddenly saddled with the age old task of saving the world after all the top agents are taken out. An acceptable script for the film failed to surface, so the movie is now dead in the water.

S3. What's the story with the Honey video clip?

Speculation on a movie role for Mariah began when many fans observed that the video for Honey is like a mini-movie, and does place Mariah in an acting role of sorts. This is much apart from her other videos, just as her intention to move into making movies is unexpected. As recently as two years ago she laughed in disbelief at the very idea.

Interestingly, the Honey video has more in common with a James Bond story than simply the broad brush strokes of plot and subtle nuances of extravagant costumes and tongue-in-cheek acting. The bikini costume which Mariah wears is almost identical to that worn by Ursula Andress' character, Honey Ryder, in the first ever James Bond film, Dr No (1962).

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