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Appendix C—SI Units

SI units are to be preferred in all technical works. Units from other schemes may be given for reference or where such units are still commonly used on a worldwide basis. The casing used in abbreviations of units is important.

Base Units

Quantity Unit Symbol
 Time second s
 Length metre m
 Mass kilogram kg
 Electric current ampere A
 Thermodynamic temperature kelvin K
 Amount of substance mole mol
 Luminous intensity candela cd
 Plane angle radian rad
 Solid angle steradian sr

The unit which is one thousandth of a kilogram is the gram (g)

Derived Units

Quantity Unit Symbol Base units
Area square metre
Volume cubic metre
Frequency hertz Hz s-1
Density kilogram per cubic metre kgm-3 kgm-3
Velocity metre per second ms-1 ms-1
Angular velocity radian per second rads-1 rads-1
Acceleration metre per second squared ms-2 ms-2
Angular acceleration radian per second squared rads-2 rads-2
Volumetric flow rate cubic metre per second m³s-1 m³s-1
Momentum and impulse kilogram metre per second kgms-1 kgms-1
Force newton N kgms-2
Surface tension newton per metre Nm-1 kgs-2
Pressure pascal Pa kgms-2
Dynamic viscosity pascal second Pas kgms-1
Kinematic viscosity square metre per second m²s-1 m²s-1
Energy, work, torque and quantity of heat joule J kgm²s-2
Power and heat flux watt W kgm²s-3
Heat flux density watt per square metre Wm-2 kgs-3
Volumetric heat release rate watt per cubic metre Wm-3 kgm-1s-3
Heat transfer coefficient watt per square metre per kelvin Wm-2K-1 kgs-3K-1
Thermal conductivity joule per second per metre per kelvin Js-1m-1K-1 kgms-3K-1
Specific heat capacity joule per kilogram per kelvin J(kg)-1K-1 m²s²K-1
Electric charge coulomb C As
Electric field strength newton per coulomb NC-1 kgmA-1s-3
Electromotive force volt V kgm²A-1s-3
Electric resistance ohm ω kgm²A-2s-3
Electric conductance siemens S A²s³(kg)-1
Electric conductivity siemens per metre Sm-1 A²s³(kg)-1m-3
Electric capacitance farad F A²s4(kg)-1m-2
Magnetic flux weber Wb kgm²A-2s-2
Magnetic flux density tesla T kgA-2s-2
Magnetic field strength ampere per metre Am-1 Am-1
Inductance henry H kgm²A-2s-2
Magnetic permeability henry per metre Hm-1 kgm²A-2s-2
Magnetomotive force ampere A A
Luminous flux lumen lm cdsr
Luminance candela per square metre cdm-2 cdm-2
Illumination lux lx cdsrm-2
Activity (of radionuclides) bequerel Bq s-1
Absorbed dose gray Gy m²s-2
Dose equivalent sievert Sv m²s-2

Origin of Unit Names

Quantity Unit Named after
Frequency hertz Heinrich Hertz
Force newton Sir Isaac Newton
Pressure pascal Blaise Pascal
Energy, work, torque and quantity of heat joule James P. Joule
Power and heat flux watt James Watt
Electric charge coulomb Charles A. Coulomb
Electromotive force volt Alessandro Volta
Electric resistance ohm Georg Ohm
Electric conductance siemens Sir William Siemens
Electric capacitance farad Michael Faraday
Magnetic flux weber Wilhelm Weber
Magnetic flux density tesla Nikola Tesla
Inductance henry Joseph Henry
Luminous flux lumen
Illumination lux
Activity (of radionuclides) bequerel Antoine H. Becquerel
Absorbed dose gray L.H. Gray
Dose equivalent sievert

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