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The Rules of Typesetting

Appendix D—SI Unit Prefixes

SI unit prefixes should only be applied to SI units, or the data units bit (b) and byte (B) and their derived units. Before applying a prefix to the SI base unit kilogram, the kilo (or k) is dropped and the value it labels is multiplied by 1000. The casing used in abbreviations of SI prefixes is important.


Prefix Symbol SI multiplier Data multiplier
exa E 1018 260
peta P 1015 250
tera T 1012 240
giga G 109 230
mega M 106 220
kilo k 103 210
hecto h 102 28
deka da 101 23


Prefix Symbol Multiplier
atto a 10-18
femto f 10-15
pico p 10-12
nano n 10-9
micro µ 10-6
milli m 10-3
centi c 10-2
deci d 10-1

See also: ASCII Gamut, Important Unicode Characters and SI Units.

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