There's a lot of technobabble associated with the Internet, but when it comes down to it, it has more to do with the people than the wires. Outsiders often just don't seem to understand that. And they certainly don't understand how people could fall in love in an electronic realm. But really, people can fall in love anywhere.

Internet is rich with exciting and interesting people from all corners of the globe. And because Internet is organized by areas of interest, perfect matches are much more common. In the real world, you are more likely to fall in love by accident, when you aren't looking for it, than by design. While the same dynamics can play on the Internet—for example computer dating is just as ineffective in cyberspace as it is outside— every now and again ,two people liked only by common interests will fall head over heels in love.

So when two people separated by tens of thousands of kilometres, meet on an IRC chat channel with a friendly and flirty feel (or a Facebook page with a sinister ad), is it really suprising that things develop further than either of them intended? In the real world, that means dating. On Internet, that means e-mail love-letters (or love-statuses). In a way, the new culture is a return to tradition- courting via the written word.

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