Of course, it is every cyber-lover's dream to meet their mate in person. But such a meeting rarely eventuates. And it takes even more still to bring a relationship out of the electronic world and have it work in the physical world.

But that doesn't stop Internet lovers from daydreaming about their partners from abroad. And it is by sharing these dreams that Internetters, Websters or Facebookers take cyber-love to the next level. Perhaps the most popular fantasies are those about love-making holidays where people finally meet up. There are harsh realities here should fantasy and reality ever meet, but the best we can each do is be honest, and hope that our significant other in the relationship is doing the same. And I ask you, how is that different from any other relationship?

Finally there are fantasies about real-lives together, and these become the make-or-break point of the Internet relationship. "Happily ever after" is everyone's dream, and the same is true in cyberspace.


"Hej... Where are you, sugar pie?" I called, almost impatiently, lying face down on a thick, warm shagpile carpet, increasingly bored by the drone of the inanimate and stuffy man reading the TV news. The reports themselves were depressing me, and I imagined briefly what I must look like, with my head cradled in my hands and my face squashed into a wrinkly frown.

"Pumpkin?" came a distant call from another room. The voice was distinctly foreign, with the power to incite my mind to lustful thoughts; somehow careful and perfect- at least against my own twanging syllables. I cheered up a little to know my love was in earshot.

"What are you doing, sweetie?" I rounded my vowels and aspirated the h carefully.

"It's my turn to read e-mail now," you said happily, and I strained to hear the gentle tapping of the computer keyboard in the bedroom. A bit too periodic and stunted to be e-mail, I decided.

"Yeah, right," I teased, "Sounds more like a high volume IRC conversation, hon."

"Mmm... Well, maybe there's an... element of that too."

I smiled knowingly. "Well I think you should sign off and... come give me some attention."

"Why am I not surprised?" you laughed. "I think I should make 'Gotta go give Karen some loving' be my auto signoff message."

"I thought it was already," I giggled. "The only time you leave it is for me... But now it seems you won't even get off it for a serving of delicious 'Karen-Pumpkin'."

"Ah. Well put that way, why would I want to stay here? I'll be a minute..."

"A minute too long, snuggle-pot," I replied.

"Well... Don't go away."

I laughed heartily, "I wouldn't dream of it."

The commercials came on, and I waited impatiently as you hurriedly typed your farewells... And I waited... "Hurry up, love... I'm getting cold." The faint roar of the modem clicked off, and I heard the chair squeak.

I started singing a few lines of Here Comes My Baby, and before I'd finished the verse, I felt your hands on my shoulders. My voice broke, and I stopped. Then you settled down on my butt, and started kneading the tense muscles around my neck and shoulders, moving your warm, caring hands down my back a little.

"Mmm. So sweet, hon," I moaned.

"Watching the news?"

"Hardly," I replied, suddenly realising that I had been staring blankly at the TV since I finished singing. But I still hadn't noticed the commercials had finished, and some guy had returned to do sports. "Imagining all the things we could do together tonight, actually."

"Whatever you like, pumpkin," you offered. "I see you are showing off your legs again." I twisted my neck to you just as you pulled the elastic on my bicycle shorts, letting them snap back and smack against my waist. The stinging pain was oddly arousing, but the dull stimulating sensation which replaced it destroyed my cool-calm-collectedness. I drew a short breath.

"Ow. You know what that does to me... when you play with my shorts and stuff," I said to your face, feigning anger.

"I sure do, baby," you chuckled, slapping me on the thigh. You leaned forward and whispered to my ear, "You told me." You took my cocked head between your hands and kissed me sweetly on the lips. You drew away, leaving my face frozen, eyes closed and lips pouted. As you sat back up, and I felt your weight fully on me again, you asked, "Kiss make it better?" I didn't move. "Does that mean I get to taste my pumpkin again?" I smiled briefly, eyes still closed, and resumed pouting. You laughed gently.

I felt your weight shift and I heard your shirt rustle as you approached. Then I could feel your breathing against my nose and mouth, and finally your top lip touched mine. I think it quivered as you pressed fully against it. Your tongue and lower lip came together with mine, and then after a brief pause, our tongues continued past each other, and then started lolling around, while our lips pulled on each other, our cheeks collapsing into the smouldering vacuum. My fingers and toes tingled with excitement, the kiss going on and on. Warmth built within me alongside arousal and excitement at your delicate and loving touch.

I twisted my pelvis underneath you, straightening my neck, as I slowly let myself fall back on the floor, clasping your shoulders in my hands. You came forward with me, and the seal between our lips was compromised briefly a few times, as their action became increasingly energetic. I walked my fingertips towards each other behind your neck, and pulled you tightly to my chest and we rolled to the side. Your leg struggled underneath me for a second, and then your lips twisted into a smile around mine, and you gently kicked my nearest buttock. I rolled further and lifted my hips so that you could release your leg. I giggled into your mouth and you laughed with me.

I bit down on your lip gently and playfully, and you started. You slowly pulled away, with a devious grin on your face. "Would you like something to eat?" I licked my lips and nodded childishly, before giggling again, as your finger tickled my ribs. I tried not to squirm at your delightful teasing, but you continued, so I wrestled with you and brought you down on me. You rolled off, the side of your head falling beside my face.

"You gonna cook for me, hon?" I asked softly in your ear. You turned to face me and shifted on the floor beside me, getting comfortable. You smiled sweetly.

"Mmm... Do you want me to serve up your favourite again?"

"Oh, would you, love? Steamy hot... And afterwards, maybe we could have some dessert... Say, some pumpkin pie?" I chuckled gently.

"Ah, yes," you agreed with a broad smile. "It should be nice and hot by the time we've had our main course," you replied. "And you know I like my pumpkin pie as hot can be." You kissed me again before getting up. I watched you carefully as you walked into the kitchen, and started searching in the cupboard.

"I might go and freshen up, and slip into something a little less... constrictive."

"Aw, honey," you groaned. "But I like your cute shorts."

"Well, you can't taste pumpkin through lycra, my dear," I said very matter-of-factly, but allowed a gentle little snort of laughter betray my acting. I sat up and stretched my arms to touch the toes of my gym shoes. I clambered to my feet, yawning and stretching, and began to leave the room. I heard a wolf whistle behind me, and turned to see my cook leaning in the kitchen doorway. I turned and put my hand on my hip. You grinned at me, raising an eyebrow. I raised my palm to my mouth and softly blew you a kiss. You reached your hand out as if to catch it. I smiled and shook my head as I turned and walked towards the bathroom, deliberately swaying my hips.

There was a knock at the door. "You finished yet, pumpkin?" I stopped rubbing my leg with the towel, and reached to turn the handle. As I pulled the door open, I suddenly felt the cool, dry air chill my bare skin, and I shivered slightly.

"I guess not," you said, as you paused to look me up and down. You were holding a bowl of steaming pasta and sauce. I grinned at you. I dropped the towel, and bent over to sniff the delicious food you had brought me. I poked my finger into the yellow sauce and sampled a bit on the end of my tongue.

"Yummy. My favourite." I said, gently tugging you to me by the shirt. I kissed you, and whispered in your ear, "Why don't you come in and feed it to me, sweetie?"

You grinned eagerly, and followed me in as I sat on the cool tiles and leaned against the towels hanging from the rail. Pulling up a stool, you sat down beside me and scooped up some of the macoroni cheese. You smiled at me, and watched as my eyes followed the spoon as it slowly came towards my mouth. I opened it, and let you guide the spoon carefully between my lips. I closed my mouth around it and tasted the hot cheesy sauce with delight, closing my eyes and moaning gently. As you slowly drew the spoon out, I rested my hand on your thigh, squeezing you softly.

I swallowed and opened my eyes, looking at you gratefully. I leaned back and the towel behind me slipped suddenly. I slid across the floor smoothly, grasping your thigh for support. You lost your balance on the stool and reaching for support yourself, lost your grip on the bowl. In an instant the hot yellow sauce was splattered over me, as I lay on the floor, my head propped against the wall, my feet resting at the side of the bath. Thankfully it wasn't hot enough to sting, but I could still feel the heat being absorbed into me as the sticky mess started cooling on my belly, steam rising up.

"Oh! Pumpkin!" you cried. "I'm sorry."

I looked dazedly up at you, and shrugged. "It's OK, honey. It's my fault." I looked down at the mess again. "It still looks yummy, you know. Have you ever tried having pasta on your pumpkin before?" I grinned at you, as I reached for the spoon. I scraped it across my belly and carefully manouvered it into my mouth. I gestured with the spoon. "Budder horry up, hon. Uts gutting cold," I said, my mouth filled with sticky cheese sauce.

"I don't need a spoon," you said with a wild grin. You moved to sit down on my legs, and you rested your palms on the floor. Your head slowly moved towards my belly, and I felt your tongue slide over the patch where I had scraped the spoon, cleaning away the remaining sauce with slow, sensual strokes.

"Can you taste the pumpkin?" I enquired, as I watched you. I felt so lustful as you caressed my hot skin with your eager tongue. I collected some sauce on my finger, and closed my eyes as I licked it off. I could feel nothing but your deliciously warm, wet touch, the taste and smell of hot cheesy pasta filling my delirious mind. I hummed gently with contentment, and looked down at you again.

"No... no pumpkin yet. Let me help you clean away some of your dinner first," you said, looking up, a spot of macoroni on your top lip. You took the spoon from me and gently collected some pasta onto it. You moved towards my head and delivered it to my open mouth. You sealed it in with a long and passionate kiss. So it was that we continued feeding each other until my belly was just a bare reddened patch of soft warm skin, glistening with the saliva of a gentle lover.

"Thankyou," I said. I sat up to kiss my thoughtful servant, closing my eyes briefly as our lips met for a moment. I sung a tune, "I kiss your lips and close my eyes, take you away to paradise..."

"Make everybody see that I love you and you love me," you continued. You chuckled and I screwed up my face into what I hoped would be an adorable little grin. I batted my eyelashes. "You just love to sing me that 'girlie' music, don't you, love?" I nodded happily in reply, my wet hair issuing droplets about the room.

"You're so cute," you sighed. I bowed my head, and looked at you with a childish frown.

"And cuddly?" I asked, fidgeting eagerly. You smiled broadly, and moved to sit on my lap.

Wrapping your arms around me, you whispered gently in my ear, "And very cuddly." I returned your snuggling and nestled my head on your shoulders. We were still and silent for a while, so that we could hear the canned laughter from an American sitcom on the TV in the lounge room. I felt very secure and wanted, and was happy to be reminded again that I had someone to cuddle me.

"I really love you, honey."

"And I love you. 'Forever and ever, my darling.' Even if you do taste like cheese..."

I giggled. "Well I'd better take another shower, then."

You held your finger in the air and I paused. You reached across to the cupboard under the basin. "I have a better idea."

"Hm. I really like your ideas," I said, as you grabbed a bottle of bubble bath.

"Time for Karen to take her bath."

"You're gonna help aren't you..."

"I'll do better than that. I'll join you."

"This just gets better and better, doesn't it?"

"Naturally," you replied, as you got up, and started running a foamy bubble bath for two.


I rested on the edge of the bath and I tested the temperature of the water with one of my feet. I looked on enthusiastically as you unbuttoned your jeans. I reached over to you to take hold of the top of your pants in my hands and slowly slide them down past your thighs, my fingers gliding over you softly. You breathed deeply at my touch, and I smiled contentedly as I looked up to see your heavenly expression, eyes closed. I could see that you were completely free of tension, and I felt your leg muscles relax as my touch floated delicately past them. You opened your eyes, and looked gratefully down at me with a face filled with love, so serene that it melted my heart.

Your jeans fell to the floor and I reluctantly withdrew my hands. You stepped out of them, and bent over to pick them up. You turned away to put them on the stool with the rest of your clothes, and as you did so, my fingers reached out to touch you again. You stopped as my fingers came down on the elastic of your underwear. I allowed my palms to enfold your buttocks, and squeezed gently. You groaned with approval, so I pulled your last piece of clothing down, and you lifted your feet one at a time so I could take your underpants in my hands.

I leaned foward and kissed the small of your back, and let you take the underpants to put them with your jeans. I wrapped my arms around your waist and pulled you toward me. You sat on my lap, and I rocked you gently as the bath filled around my leg. I nudged you forward and we stood up, front to back. I lifted my other foot into the water and we slid into the foam together. I leaned back and straddled my legs around you, hooking your thighs behind my knees. You leaned back against my chest and I rested my chin on your shoulder.

As we relaxed so closely, together in the foam, I think our bodies melted into one another. First our breathing was synchronized, and then I felt the rhythm of my heart start to keep time with yours, as it gently pumped under my loving embrace. I sighed, and as I did so, you sighed as well. We turned face to face, and looked deeply into each others eyes. And somehow we both knew that we were thinking the same thoughts as we lay there in the bath together, our bodies entagled as one.

We silently agreed not to move for a while, both of us aware that this was a moment to be preserved and enjoyed for as long as possible. I think we went beyond love in those few minutes in which time seemed to stop. I think that if one of us had had a heart attack in that moment, the other would have had died with them. We felt so interdependent laying together like that, treasuring each others' lives, well-being and togetherness beyond everything else in Heaven and Earth.

Eventually we began to wash each other, but somehow the moment was not spoiled, and we seemed to move as a single creature as we shared the task of lathering the soap on our tangled limbs. While rinsing it away, the foam began to dissolve around us, revealing our bare wet flesh. Then we took it in turns to wash each other's torso's, gently and carefully, kissing the wet, clean skin dry as we finished.

I took the washer and ever so gently and carefully cleaned your genitals, pausing often to rub them with my finger. You repayed me with an equally tender and loving cleansing of my own genitals, and when were finished, we indulged ourselves in a long, passionate kiss, as an expression of mutual thanks and praise. We shampooed each others' hair and took turns to wash and rinse.

Then it was time to get out. You stood up and stepped onto the floor, grabbing a towel to dry your face and hair. I sat up straight and smiled up at you. I reached out my hand and you took it, and I slowly and gracefully got to my feet. You helped my onto the floor in front of you, and I fell into your arms. Our skin so soft against each other, we held our embrace for a while before I took the towel and began ever so delicately and lovingly caressing your damp skin, sponging off the excess water with the towel and my sweet, dry kisses. You stood still and let me caringly traverse every centimetre of you until I had completed my task.

I stood still, and closed my eyes as you took another towel and wrapped it around my hair and vigourously dried it, leaving me dizzy and tingling about my head. Then you gently kissed my forehead and suddenly your drying caresses were all over me, reaching to every curve and crevasse of my shape, accompanied by the same delicious kisses I had given to you. I began to feel so desirable and loved, standing there, still, as you worshipped at my fingertips, my nipples, my toes, and... everywhere.

We shared the job of covering ourselves in talcum powder, and then decided there was little point in us getting dressed. We cleaned up the bathroom, and let the milky bath water drain away. Holding hands we stepped into the cool air of the passage way.

"You go off to bed. I'll bring in some hot drinks," you said, kissing me sweetly before moving off to the kitchen.

"Dessert?" I called.

"Sure. You just slip into bed, and I'll be there soon."

"Don't be too long. I'm already starting to get cold, hon."

"Don't worry, pumpkin. Your water bottle will be there in just a minute."

I smiled, and moved into the dark bedroom. I slid over the bed and slipped between the delightfully soft, silky sheets. Initially cold against my skin, it wasn't long before my body heat took the chill off them. I lay there staring at the ceiling, fantasizing about my sugar pie's dessert plans.


Desires and longings were sweeping through me like a rising tide, as I lay there alone in the dark bedroom. I waited with almost unbearable anticipation, hearing the faint clinking of spoon against mug so far away. I knew you were finally coming to me, and I felt my heart leap with excitement. I sat up, and leaned against the head of the bed, sliding my soft pillow between the skin of my bare back and the smooth, cold wood. I waited in the silence, and a long shadow appeared in the hallway. Then the light went out, and the shadow vanished into an ocean of soft twilight.

A moment later your silhouette appeared in the doorway, and you paused only briefly before making your way around the bed. You rested your mug of coffee on the bedside table, and then turned to rest one knee on the bed. You leaned over carefully and kissed me on the cheek. I took my own mug from you, and held it with both hands, as you got between the sheets beside me. I inhaled the steam from my mug slowly, and I relaxed my body, as I lifted it to my mouth and sipped tentatively. I felt the hot liquid trickle down my dry throat, and heard my sweet lover take a sip of his own beside me.

I turned to you in the darkness, and you rested one hand on my thigh, your touch light and warm. I took my mug in one hand, and let the other slide between the sheets to hold yours. We drank together, until the heat of the sweet hot beverage was inside us, warming us through. Then we put our cups aside, and in a single gracefully choreographed movement, our bodies slid next to each other between the sheets. We held each other tightly, and our lips met and parted, met and parted. Our desires and longings were gradually freed from restaint, as a purely physical carnal lust overwhelmed our souls. Kisses became hot with a passion raw and wild, our mouths wet with each other's boiling saliva.

A dizzying excitement stirred me, and I rolled onto you, writhing gently, our bodies skin to skin. We were in contact in so many places, sliding past each other in the throes of the equisite beginnings of love making. The sounds began as our wet kisses drifted down each others necks. We rolled past each other, tugging at the sheets, crumpling and uncrumpling them around our entwined bodies. I groaned with delight as you teased my nipple, and I shifted so that I could kiss your own. I flicked it with my tongue as your head came down beside my neck and gnawed softly. I could hear your approval as I continued, and I hummed at your own animal loving.

Fingers wandered, and I tingled at your touch, repaying each passionate caress with another. Then I dived deeply under the covers and took my caresses as far as your thighs, fingers teasing your sensitive areas at every opportunity. You stopped your tour of my body, and clamped my hair in your hands as I kissed you on the belly.

"So sweet," you moaned above me, and gasped as I slid my tongue down past your navel, nestling my nose against it. My hands came to rest on opposite thighs, and I lifted my head up, pulling the sheets with me as I rose. I crouched awkwardly between your ankles, the stuffy air underneath the sheets was hot with desire and thick with bodily aromas. Moving my hands together, I slowly and teasingly ran my fingers across the soft hairy mound and let one finger continue along the length of your penis, hard with the pressure of hot blood, almost boiling with passion. Slowly I brought my head down to you, and paused when my mouth and nose were close enough so that you could feel my warm panting breath against your skin. Your diaphragm fell in anticipation and I teased you by waiting still further. You shifted under me, and I waited only a few seconds longer before my lips fell to the tip of your penis, and kissed you delicately.

You let your held breath out loudly, tugging at my hair as I nestled my face against you, inhaling your odour. Your hands slid through my hair and came to rest at the base of my neck. I closed my eyes and rested for a while, letting you feel my breath against your scrotum, teasing you with my inactivity. Then yousat up over me and kissed me on the top of the head.

"It's my turn, I think," you whispered hoarsely.

"Mmm," I agreed, rolling over and stretching myself out. I poked my head out from under the sheets, and inhaled the cool air deeply. Soft caresses fell on my hips and drifted around my belly. You kissed my softly. Again and again. My heart beat stonger, and I looked to the heavens with pure ecstasy in my eyes. Your fingers were around me, holding me, gently probing and teasing. You kissed lower and longer, and slowly slid your tongue across my skin, as you moved from place to place. I couldn't help but gasp and moan at your touching and tasting, so wonderful that my mind was lost in a sea of raging hormones. It continued, and I held your head in my hands as it bobbed gently. I anticipated where it would fall, and tried in vain to prepare myself for the arousing sensations that you were about to generate in me.

You took me by the waist and I arched my back so that you could lift me up in your arms. You held my head against your warm chest so I could hear your heart beating. I pressed my hand beside my ear and felt your heart, rising and falling with your slow, heavy breathing. I turned my head and kissed you there. You whispered in my ear, "Would you like a back rub, sweetie?"

I looked up at you and smiled. "Uh-huh." I turned over and rested my head face down on my pillow. Sweet loving hands glided tenderly over my back, and I felt the tip of a nose begin to run up the length of my backbone. I shivered with delight and heard a chuckle behind me. "Feels so good, hon," I murmured. The days' tension dissolved as your hands kneaded and delicately caressed me, a touch so light yet firm. "Perfect." You paused to kiss the small of my back, and then began massaging my buttocks, stirring my wanton lusts again. I began to rub my heels and soft calves against your butt as you pressed and pulled my own, and I felt your rhythm falter slightly at my touch. I giggled to let you know that I could tell the effect I was having on you.

You crawled alongside me, and we turned our heads to face each other. We moved close and I let my tongue slip towards your mouth. You slid your own tongue to mine, and they touched in the cool air between our mouths. Slowly we let our lips close in around them, and kissed long, and deeply, creating sensations so electrifying that I could feel my brain buzz with a passionate current.

I felt suddenly unable to control my bodily appetite any longer. Joined at the lips, I reached over you with my arm, and pulled myself over and onto your penis, forcing it up inside me. An intense web of sharp feeling from the base of my pelvis, almost painful, yet so wonderfully satisfying. I gasped into your mouth, before pulling away swiftly and looking skyward, our bodies mated completely. I leaned back for a moment, dizzying, luscious ecstasy paralyzing my body, unable to move and breathe. All I could do was feel. Feel you gently throbbing inside me. A momernt later I became externally aware again, and rolled forward a little to hear your own delight at being inside me. I let my vocal chords vibrate for the first time, breaking my own silence with a long groan, a resounding note of my sexual pleasure.

I closed my eyes loosely, and rocked and bucked gently on you, feeling you move in me, sliding aginst my tight insides, hot and damp. I breathed in time with our rhythm, inhaling on the down stroke and sighing out to pull upward. You held and squeezed my thighs as I worked you, my arms still at my sides, riding you like a wild horse who doesn't need to be shown where to go. Our interplay was narrated by a plethora of carnal sounds, as sweat glistened on my skin and yours.

I slumped over, and pumped you until your sweet liquid spewed forth. And then I laboured until you came again, and again, and I convulsed around you, squeezing, pulling and pushing, As you moaned with pleasure I moaned with you, my breathing staggered, my sounds sharp. I didn't want to stop until I was completely exhausted, so I endured the dull resistance of my aching body, unable to cope with what seemed like a lifetime of delicious lovemaking. Eventually I collapsed on you, our sweaty skins sliding easily, and I rested my head on your chest. I kissed you in apology, and smiled contentedly at the feeling of complete exhaustion.

You took me in your arms and positioned me underneath you, and I let you continue the act, able only to gasp with delight and moan ever so slightly as you kissed me all over, and pushed yourself inside me over and over again. You seemed to spill energy back into me, and gradually I began to move with you. Then you were starting to tire, panting and hot, we sat up together and wrapped our arms and legs around each other. We rocked in a loving embrace, kissing and rubbing our faces together.

Then we collapsed on the bed together, as you held me from behind. We lay there breathing heavily and contentedly. And then, when we had rested for a while, we started loving each other all over again. And again, long into the night. So many times, until the dawn broke around our coupled bodies. Or perhaps it was just that we had both fallen into a happy slumber, continuing to dream of intense lovemaking long after our bodies were stretched beyond physical possibilty.

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