Kasoft Typesetting

Kasoft Typesetting and Typography

Kasoft Typesetting is a division of Kasoft Software which produces technical and general reference documents, news articles, as well as fictional works, other printed material and printing resources (such as fonts.)

Materials Index

Typesetting rules and content guidelines

These documents give the rules, recommendations and guidelines Kasoft Typesetting strives to adhere to when producing reference and fiction documents.

Typographic materials

These materials are RISC OS centric, owing to Kasoft Typesetting's predomiant use of the unparalleled rendering technology available under Acorn's FontManager.

General non-fiction

These entries are sorted by title.

General fiction

Fiction is rated for sensitive content according to certain guidelines. These entries are sorted by title.

Kade's Print Collection

Works not published by Kasoft Typesetting but in Kade Hansson's private collection are listed in Kade's Print Collection Catalogue. Some early original works also bear the KPC logo.

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Kasoft is a registered trademark of Kasoft Software, owned by Kade Hansson. KPC and the KPC device are trademarks of Kade Hansson in the category of publishing and printing services.

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